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Hey friend many of you are having problem that I integrated Admob in my Mobile App, It is showing test ads but not our own ads. Why it’s happening what’s the reason of this problem. Now friends we are going to discuss Why Admob Can’t find my app?

Error Codes

So, here is solution, when we integrate Admob to our App and import classes of admob . There is option that we over right their methods. There are many methods given they are like: on ads clicked, on ads error. There are only 5 methods those only we can over right it belongs to admob class. For over right there is a method called on error code. By this on error code method we come to know about error, which error code it is.

Basically in Google there are only 4 types of errors all these errors can be easily solved. Just we want to know what error code it is showing .It is very simple just over right the method, print in log or in toast whatever error you get.

How solve Error Code 0 ?

It is very common error code. Many developers face this error. Suppose just now I have created an ad ID and apply an ad then it will not show any ad, it will show error code 0. This means we have just created an ad it will not be showed immediately.Whenever will create an ad id or ad unit it take 3 to 4 hours or even one day to initiate an ad on that ad id.

Now let’s go to next error which is Error code 1 or can say invalid request

This error occur is because whatever id you are using ad id or admod app id one of both id one is invalid id or not matching. When we put ad we have always ad id next id is of different banners or having different ads id. If these ids are not matching this ad will not display on your app and it shows Error Code 1.

Next error is Error Code 2 let’s see what is solution and reason

Error code 2 is for network error suppose just we have send request for ad and in the middle of request network problem occurs. As a result, request is send to Google but not return to user.

Finally the last error is Error Code 3

This Error is also called “no fill” suppose Google have ads from thousands companies to give ads ,but users app are ten thousands that means, number of users to publish ad on their apps are more than that the numbers of ads. That means Google have shortage of ads and it is not able to displayed ads , then it give Error Code 3 or No Fill error.