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Affiliate Marketing

A Long-Term Strategy For Protecting Affiliate Program and Joint Venture Particulars

If you want star affiliates in your market to join your affiliate program and promote your items, you truly have to go out and find them.

You can certainly promote your affiliate program on your own site and to get people to register, but the best results come when you go out and find your own joint venture partners and it sounds like you already comprehend that.

You can discover potential partners by discovering sites that:

  • Have good site traffic
  • Have decent sized email lists
  • Target your buying audience

How do you find these individuals?

  • Go to your preferred search engine and see which websites show up near the top for your target keywords.
  • Check their ESTIMATED traffic ranking at this website extremely approximately estimates how popular a website is based upon traffic and page views. The lower the ranking number, the busier the site. This is not a foolproof technique, however can be used as a standard to compare sites in similar markets.
  • See which sites link to your competition. Go to Google or Yahoo and type in the following: link: Simply substitute “” with your rival’s real domain name. The results that appear will be websites that connect to your competitor. You will possibly discover some good sites to partner with here.
  • Check and the Yahoo Directory for sites in a suitable category for your market.

How do you approach these people?

The common method of many website owners is to send out a mass email to attract the web designer with the lure of commission. Naturally, you need to strive to get a given name to customize the e-mail and utilize your Autoresponder to instantly add their name into your email. Include details like their first name, their site URL and any other personal details you can consist of.

This method will get you the most partners for the least amount of time and effort. Naturally, if there are some sites that you REALLY want to say yes, you will need a more personal touch. Recognize that in competitive markets, these webmasters most likely get many joint endeavor demands and yours may be sent to the trash, together with the rest.

If you wish to be taken seriously….

  • Offer to send them your item for free so they can examine it or just mail it to them right away without any expectations. Even if they can’t promote your item now, if you treat them cordially, they might simply promote your item down the line.
  • Show them that you understand something about their company and remark particularly on a few of the jobs they are dealing with or some of their items that you have actually acquired
  • Do something for them. List them as a recommended resource on your site, etc, and tell them about it.
  • Pick up the phone and develop a relationship. Maybe you can offer to promote his/her item first, rather
    of requesting a favor right now. Don’t be in a rush to get them to promote your product or you may simply burn your bridges completely.
  • Show them proven outcomes of other affiliates or highlight how well your site converts visitors to sales.


Overall, understand that you’re most likely going to get a great deal of “Nos” prior to you get to the “Yesses”. Due to the fact that people are busy and they can’t promote every product that comes their method, do not take it personally.

Simply be open to establishing relationships as that is the very best long-term strategy in discovering excellent JV partners.