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Many people want to create an android app or want to become an android app developer and also want to earn money with admob. But take back step because they don’t know coding and think It requires the knowledge of programming language. But did you know what  apps are there is Google play store maximum are made without the help of coding and they are earning in crores and lakhs. So if you want to learn how to create mobile app without coding skill, without programming skill and want to earn good money then this read the blog is for you.

Create Your Own Mobile App

In this blog we are going to tell you about software or an online tool Andromo app maker . By using Andromo app maker you can easily create an app with zero coding skills and publish in Google play store and can earn 100% revenue by admob…

When you will click above link we will come to official page of Andromo app maker then follow below steps

  1. Click on create an app for free
  2. Name your app
  3. Now choose template of your choice
  4. Application maker dashboard appears

On dashboard following blocks appear

  • Activities
  • Theme
  • Global Style
  • Setting
  • Monetization Service
  • Build
  1. Theme: theme and activities are very important one change its app theme. Start mode to what should be displayed when your apps get open.
  • Startup : You change dashboard name
  • Navigation: You can enable or disable navigation drawer by navigation
  • Setting: Can change setting accordingly
  • Layout: can be changed what type of layout you want
  • Style: customize the style
  • Images: to customize image
  • Toolbar: Set the toolbar according to requirement

2.Activities: This tab will decide what all activities will be done on your app. One can select the activities which he/she wants.

3. Settings: by setting one set name of app, version, target market category, add description of your app, app icon etc.

4. Monetization: It very important tab by which one can put ads on his created app.

  • Select Admob
  • Sign up Admob Account
  • Go to app option click and accept
  • Have ever published and ad on your app if not click no
  • Enter your app information
  • Select Android
  • Check the box
  • Click on create an ad unit
  • Create an ad unit
  • Paste ad unit on admob

5. Services: Extra Firebase can be added or enabled

6. Build: This tab is to build app click on create and app and install.

Yes you can create mobile app without coding and earn revenue with admob.