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A certain author and internet marketer composed a report just recently entitled “The Death of Internet Marketing”. In case you live under a rock (or are new to internet marketing) I’ll quickly recap what the brouhaha is all about.

Essentially the author declares that “The Adsense contextual marketing program from which thousands of web site publishers, little and huge, make some real income from, is … on it’s method to that huge online marketing trash can in the sky”.

Numerous online marketers who were making big money monthly by means of Adsense have actually lost a great deal of that income due to changes in the way Google runs their marketing program. Boo hoo. Someone call a Waaaambulance.

By the method, if you haven’t read this totally free report, you can quickly discover it online by typing the report’s title into one of the search engines.

While I am far from making thousands of dollars each month from the Adsense program, the last time I checked my Adsense account there was still a constant stream of cash flowing into it. Perhaps I’ll never make those big bucks following particular just recently prohibited techniques, but that’s all right by me. I’ve got my system (sluggish as it might be) and I’m staying with it.

Which’s the point.

There’s a big distinction in between the big money earners and the little potatoes individuals like me and a lot of you reading this short article. All we desire is a system that works. We don’t have countless dollars to spend on elegant software application tools or tons of downtime to build a gazillion website, etc.

Simply give us some easy and effective marketing strategies that we can follow at our own speed. Numerous of the huge pet dogs seem to overlook this reality. Many of us lap dogs are getting tired and ill of the huge pet dogs over promoting their huge “occasion” launches to us relentlessly, then walking away with our tails between our legs when we buy into it, however
can’t duplicate their success.

The huge players are losing their t-shirts in Adsense. Oh well, that’s the way the Adsense cookie falls apart? Great to understand they’re getting a little taste of what it’s like for us little timers. But you will not see me composing a report about it and hyping it all over the internet.

Now, it’s real that Adsense is changing from what it remained in the beginning, however like the big people are constantly telling us, modification is constant online and you’ve got ta adopt to it or be out of company.

There’s another free report online called: “Adsense Is Alive” written by another effective internet marketer in response to the initial report.

If you read in between the lines of both reports you’ll see that they both have a prejudice:
1.To promote a new way to earn money online
2.To promote their old method of earning money online

Both of these reports deserve reading, if only to assist you make some decisions about what you ‘d like to be doing online now and in the future to achieve your goals.

Adsense isn’t as profitable as it used to be for lots of people, however, Adsense is likewise really much alive and kicking for a lot of us. Now, I’m gon na check and go on my Adsense piggy bank. Lots of online marketers who were earning huge money every month through Adsense have lost a lot of that earnings due to changes in the method Google runs their marketing program.

Adsense isn’t as rewarding as it used to be for numerous people, however, Adsense is likewise extremely much alive and kicking for a lot of us.