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Tell me one thing that you cant find on Youtube?

Youtube is one such platform offered by Google, which has emerged as the second most sought after search engine after Google.

It is a very lucrative platform for creators to monetize their great ideas and help people to make the right choice.

There are multiple options through which you can make money on Youtube. These are some that might suit you:

  • Display, overlays and video ads on your channel can earn you money. Youtube premeium allows you to earn a portion of the subscriber’s fee when they watch your content.
  • Super chat and super stickers are a fun way of connecting with fans during live sessions and premeiers.
  • Selling branded merchandise while people watch your videos.
  • Paid Channel memberships are great way to offer your fans with exclusive benefits at different levels.
  • Youtube BrandConnect is a great way to partner with relevant brands and run campaigns.
  • Youtube Shorts Fund is a new programme that is giving creators access to $100M across 2021 and 2022.

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