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Login to Your Google Adsense Account and start Earning

When you have logged in to your Google Adsense account ,Immideatly you will be taken to a page where all the activity are seen.

Adsense for Content refers to the targeted ads appearing on the pages in which you have composed material that are listed initially.Whereas the number of page impressions listed in the very first column can also be viewed with which a page impression is normally the same as a page view.

How it Works and Help in your Earning?

For a more comprehensive definition of a page impression, see Google Adsense assistance.

Click on your Adsense Account and then click on Adsense Report.You’ll discover the number of clicks. This refers to the number of times “your ads” were clicked on.

CTR(Click Through Rate)

Page click through rate or CTR represents the percentage of the time an advertisement was clicked on after viewing your page.

page eCPM represents Efficient cost per thousand impressions.

CTR is calculated by dividing Total Earnings by the variety of Page impressions in thousands.

How is Google Adsense Different From Other Ad Networks?

Here are some benefits to being a part of the Google Adsense network :

  • Beginning is easy and quick and you don’t need any technical understanding.
  • It provides html code for simple implementation with clear instructions.
  • Google Adsense has both Adsense for Content function and the Adsense for Search function.
  • It not just supplies keyword targeted advertisements but also website targeted advertisements. which helps in optimizing your capacity for earnings.

What do Google AdSense Offers?

  • Google Adsense offers a filter,so that you can pick not to run your competitor’s ads on your pages along with filter other undesirable ads.
  • It Gives an extensive support for website that can be quickly understood.