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misuse of google adsense

Google AdSense marketing system stands like a star among the other marketing system.

The appeal of Google AdSense program can be judged from the truth that most websites today serve their Ads.

Some of the sites are simply so full of Ads that the rest of the content on the website is much overshadowed.

There are websites that are specifically targeted at making income through Google AdSense system.Some site owners utilize incorrect/ prohibited tactics in order to increase their revenue from Google AdSense program like:

1.Abuse of Google AdSense program in sites that do not include any useful info but, instead, have a lot of keyword based material that is targeted at tricking the search engines.

2. Another misuse of Google AdSense program is seen in the use of totally free content e.g. material from Wikipedia to draw in traffic to the site.

There are legal techniques and sufficient techniques offered for getting more traffic to your website and for increasing the earning potential from your website. Use those techniques and track the efficiency of your websites in order to increase your earnings.

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