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AdSense code to your web page

Adding the Google AdSense code to your web page is an extremely simple procedure. You simply need to copy the AdSense code from your AdSense account (as seen in the AdSense code box) and paste it in your html code. There are particular guidelines that you need to follow when pasting the AdSense code in your web page.

To start with, must never ever tamper with the AdSense code in any method. It must be pasted as such, in its totality, with no changes or adjustments; otherwise your AdSense code will not work. You might end up breaching the AdSense program policies.

2.Likewise, it’s essential that you paste the AdSense code in the body tags of your html page. This is required for the code (java script) to run properly.

3.Further, you should ensure that you utilize a maximum of 3 advertisement units per web page (this is the limit specified by Google AdSense program) and not more than 1 link system per websites.

Because content based Ad targeting is the main idea behind AdSense program, you need to ensure that you paste your AdSense code in the location where you have your primary material pieces e.g. if you have your primary material in a specific frame or a ‘DIV’ tag, your AdSense code ought to be pasted in that specific frame or ‘DIV’ tag.

When using WYSIWYG editor (What you see is what you get) editors, be mindful. Such editors in some cases add couple of tags on their own. Paste the AdSense code only in source code directly and not in the sneak peek page or any other view of your web page. Constantly check the AdSense code for additional unimportant tags prior to you in fact upload your websites to your server.