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Welcome to Gookash.Com. So today our topic is what is Admob Account? Before that let see in short what is Admob? It is advertising platform by Google. Where you can run ads on your own mobile app. Now come to the topic what is Admob account and how it is created.

Make Money On Line Using Admob

To create an Admob account first search admob on Google then create account on admob. After creating an account Welcome to Admob page will appear and following information will be displayed:

  • Publisher Id
  • Country or territory
  • Time Zone
  • Account Type
  • Name
  • Address
  • Payment Currency

You can select time zone, Country, account type, add your name, address and select the currency in which you want the payment to be made. Then check on the agree with terms and conditions then tips to help improve your app monetization column will appear check the boxes which you want. Finally your admob account is created click on get started.

Now hope you understand what is Admob account? And also learn how it is created. So will discuss new topic next time stay connected with Gookash.Com till then take care.